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Viewing Garden

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Insights and Solutions

The Viewing Garden is a small, enclosed garden that provides controlled access and comforting views from sheltered seating areas.  Connecting patients, staff, and visitors with natural light, fresh air, and nature helps to nurture healing, provide moments of respite, and establish a healthy mind-body balance.

  1. The generous size of the garden accommodates multiple wheelchairs.
  2. Wellspring benches are configured for active socializing and provide extended arm heights to assist patients and elderly in rising from a seated position.
  3. Lo-Glo path lighting defines the edge of the garden with a warm ambient glow.
  4. Horizontal wood slat dividers (custom element) unify the space while screening people from view.
  5. A monolithic wall of living plants (custom element) in front of the building alcove walls soften the perimeter of the setting.
  6. A water feature engages auditory and visual senses to add to the serenity of the garden.
  7. A sculpture provides a focal point and engaging conversation piece within the garden.
  8. Plant materials and hardscaping offer a pleasant view.