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Therapeutic Garden 1

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Insights and Solutions

The Therapeutic Garden is an outdoor healing space with easy access that encourages interaction with nature, exercise, and play.  Connecting patients, staff, and visitors with natural light, fresh air, and nature helps to nurture healing, provide moments of respite, and establish a healthy mind-body balance.

  1. Lungo Mare undulating benches promote exploration, social interaction, and play with others.
  2. Socrates benches integrated with a water feature encourage play.
  3. Socrates benches atop a paved area encourage socializing and support collective gathering.
  4. Platforms (custom element) feature a lighted interactive wall that responds to movement to encourage active play.
  5. FGP path lights subtly define the perimeter of the garden.
  6. FGP litter provides attractive options to conceal and recycle waste.
  7. A water feature adjacent to seating areas offers a tranquil centering element.
  8. Water fountains invite wading, play, and healing laughter.
  9. Green ground cover provides a pleasant underfoot experience for bare feet and does not require mowing.