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Retreat 2

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Insights and Solutions

The Retreat is a small area of respite where people can contemplate or have a quiet, private conversation. Connecting patients, staff, and visitors with natural light and fresh air nurtures healing, provides moments of respite, and establishes a healthy mind-body balance.

  1. Three Upfit units with Upfit louvered and green panels arranged in a diagonal configuration create multiple semi-secluded zones for rest and rejuvenation.
  2. Upfit green panels and landscaping marry built and natural elements.
  3. Upfit louvered roofs provide protection from wind and sun; weather management offers control of sun and shade levels and rain protection.
  4. Power can be delivered through Upfit's posts and beams to accommodate lighting and to provide charging access points.
  5. Parallel 42 benches with Chipman tables offers a place to rest during walks on the healthcare campus and keep visitors and people in wheelchairs seated together.
  6. Cochran chaise lounges offer a reclined posture for staff during a work break or visitors seeking quiet contemplation.
  7. Sorella planters create a soft boundary in this respite space.
  8. Torres path lights illuminate the edge of the walking path.