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Retreat 1

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Insights and Solutions

The Retreat is a small area of respite where one can contemplate or privately converse with others.  Connecting patients, staff, and visitors with natural light, fresh air, and nature helps to nurture healing, provide moments of respite, and establish a healthy mind-body balance.

  1. Seating arrangements can be scaled to easily accommodate individuals, small groups, and wheelchair access.
  2. Retreat settings should be sheltered from view of others within the healthcare facility.
  3. Harpo benches allow close, intimate conversations.
  4. Harpo backless benches offer flexibility to face another individual on the bench for uplifting social interactions or turn to focus on the water element for quiet individual contemplation.
  5. Organic patterns on translucent fascia (custom element) add color and visual appeal.
  6. MultipliCITY path lights signal entry into each respite setting.
  7. Rosa planters offer a habitat for flowers which engage visual and olfactory senses.
  8. Integrated fountains that feature moving water over pebbles create a calming audible experience. Sculptural and colorful elements embedded in the moving water add a touch of whimsy.
  9. Curved landscaping creates a softened boundary for the setting.