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Meditation Garden

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Insights and Solutions

The Meditation Garden is a small, enclosed, and quiet garden with a central focal point to help patients concentrate and relax as part of the healing process.  Connecting patients, staff, and visitors with natural light, fresh air, and nature helps to nurture healing, provide moments of respite, and establish a healthy mind-body balance.

  1. A secluded, intimate, and relaxing feel is created through the use of a privacy fence (custom element) and positioning of setting adjacent to a building to shield garden visitors from view.
  2. Abril bench is generous in scale to support quiet socialization for multiple users or reclined postures for lone contemplation.
  3. A granite water wall (custom element) creates a calming focal point to encourage concentration and healing relaxation.
  4. An overhead trellis (custom element) creates a layer of enclosure while allowing sunlight to illuminate the space.
  5. Sorella planters create a sense of place and offer a habitat for colorful flowers which engage visual and olfactory senses to uplift the spirit.
  6. Reeds surrounding the deck and pavers create a serene floating island effect.

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