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Entry Garden

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Insights and Solutions

The Entry Garden is a visually pleasant botanical area near the entrance of a healthcare facility where vehicles can pick up or drop off passengers.  It's a setting that reinforces a sense of belonging and orientation, thus reducing stress and assisting in navigating unfamiliar surroundings.

  1. Overhead canopies (custom element) protect users from the elements while arriving or waiting and create a welcoming, comforting, and humane sense of scale while moving towards the facility.
  2. Placement of benches offer options to sit under canopies or in the open sunlit areas.
  3. Seating is dispersed to allow families and groups a range of privacy while waiting and visiting.
  4. Seating areas are sized to easily accommodate wheelchairs.
  5. Cantilevered Austin benches are surface mounted to minimize tripping hazards and aid in maintenance of paving surfaces.
  6. FGP path lights are strategically placed to create a gentle, friendly glow at each seating area.
  7. Sentinel bollards define the boundary of the space with a soft glow.
  8. Austin litter provides attractive options to conceal and recycle waste.
  9. Horizontal wood fascia (custom element) creates a natural, approachable, and inviting feel.
  10. Radial hardscaping and plantscaping softens the setting to create a welcoming atmosphere.
  11. Abstract sculptures of children invite discussion and add a touch of whimsy.