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Moderated by David Rubin, Land Collective
Urban Vitality


On August 7-8 2018, Landscape Forms, designer and manufacturer of high-design site furniture and LED lighting, sponsored the latest in its long-running series of roundtables on critical issues in the built and landscape environment. The roundtable on urban vitality brought together landscape architects, architects, planners, and municipal and corporate leaders to discuss what makes the urban downtown the place where increasing numbers of people want to be, and how designers, developers and municipalities can help create and support equitable, attractive and interesting places to live, work and socialize for newcomers and for current residents and business owners seeking to protect the existing vitality and culture of their neighborhoods.
The event at Cummins, Inc. global distribution headquarters in downtown Indianapolis was funded by Landscape Forms, hosted by Kirt Martin, Landscape Forms Vice President of Design and Marketing, and moderated by David Rubin, FASA, FAAR founding principal of DAVID RUBIN Land Collective, a Philadelphia-based landscape architecture and urban design studio committed to practicing with an emphasis on socially-purposeful design strategies.
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