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Healthy Outdoor Spaces:
The Prescription for Better Health

Solutions to Promote
Wellness Outdoors

As employees return to offices, students to campuses, and the public to social venues, the need for safe and confidence-inspiring natural spaces that facilitate responsible collaboration, connection, and social interaction is more important than ever. Healthy Outdoor Spaces
is created with this context in mind, drawing on Landscape Forms’ fifty-one years of thought leadership and experience in connecting people with the outdoors to support their health and overall well-being.
Outdoor healthy space featuring Artful House product
Hallmarks of this new collection include clear visual cues on site furnishings to denote appropriate distancing, modular panels and barriers to direct flow of public traffic, and structural elements that elegantly define safe spaces for small groups.
In addition, our Healthy Outdoor Spaces Program also includes information on our Parc Centre Chair “quick ship” program, a helpful guide on designing for social distancing outdoors, and information on special ordering customized Landscape Forms product to meet your specific applications.
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We invite you to learn more
about creating healthy outdoor
environments that promote physical
distancing safely, intuitively and
Bringing the activities of everyday life outdoors is proving important to the health and well-being of our communities. Upfit is the award-winning adaptive structure system with modern style and endless flexibility that takes the complexity out of designing outdoor spaces that invite people in and meet their everyday needs.
A modular system of posts, beams, roofing, panels, benches and tables, Upfit can be installed in a wide range of applications across vertical markets. It’s fully customizable, and can scale up or down to fit virtually any need or space.
In open or underutilized spaces on corporate, academic, and healthcare campuses, and within public squares and throughout transit areas, Upfit transforms outdoor areas into sought-out destinations that provide power, light, display, surfaces, storage and shelter from the elements—all the things people need to learn, work, dine and relax outdoors.
Hand Sanitizing Station
Our Hand Sanitizing Station brings modern design language and unparalleled durability to the outdoor spaces where people need it most. A press-down stainless steel spout housed within a powdercoated aluminum pedestal offer refined visual appeal, ease of use, and resistance to the elements.
Long a preferred choice for university, corporate, and healthcare campuses among other high-traffic applications, Landscape Forms’ popular Carousel tables have been reinterpreted for the new era of social distancing. The new Carousel+ line of tables and benches emphasizes physical and emotional well-being while still enabling landscape architects to create a suite of complementary settings, for a range of purposes and interactions, with a common design vocabulary throughout a site.
The original Carousel table with attached seating has been updated with lengthened legs to clearly and easily promote safe spacing. All Carousel+ tables and benches incorporate a center cut-out to avoid material waste and reinforce physical distancing. A new free-standing Carousel+ table accommodates safe spacing through an increased range of larger diameter tops and through use of detached chairs.
Optional extended workspaces on Carousel+ tables and extended seating cues on Carousel+ benches can be specified in either wood or Loll Designs HDPE. Extended workspaces and seating cues promote distancing and eliminate ambiguity regarding proper spacing to both protect physical health and instill a sense of safety and confidence among users.
Upfit OS
A unique system of dividers, screens, seating, work and dining surfaces, the new Landscape Forms Upfit Open Spaces (Upfit OS) offers users their own defined sense of personal space without completely isolating them from others and from the outdoor environment.
Clearly delineated spaces contribute to a sense of confidence among users to safely engage in the small group conversation and socialization that is key to maintaining a cooperative, interconnected atmosphere throughout the community.
Highly modular, available in a variety of heights, use cases, and configurations with or without power, the new Upfit OS is a versatile, elegant way to safely direct traffic throughout outdoor spaces and offer users new productive natural environments while reinforcing a comforting sense of order and enclosure.
Artful House
Artful House is an innovative new solution for elegantly facilitating intimate gatherings, meetings, or small group discussions in a way that respectfully yet unmistakably communicates the desire for distance.
While the form of Artful House is modern and stylized, it is immediately reminiscent of the feeling of home. Wood interior surfaces are warm and welcoming while the powdercoated aluminum frame offers a sense of delineated personal space that implicitly discourages unwanted en-croachment without completely isolating users from the outdoor environment. Available in two sizes, for groups of up to two or four.
Wedge Table
Based on the architecture of the popular Landscape Forms Carousel line, Wedge Table is a modular desk system that elegantly prescribes individual user spaces while maintaining safe distancing.
The units are designed to maintain appropriate physical distance across a variety of seamless configurations—side-by-side for individual work, relaxation, or dining; face-to-face for pair meetings, discussions, or interviews; and radially for larger group conversation or team meetings.
Upfit Zones
Upfit is an award-winning adaptive structure from Landscape Forms that transforms underutilized outdoor spaces into sought-out destinations that provide power, light, display, surfaces, and shelter from the elements—all the things people need to learn, work, play and socialize outdoors.
Our latest addition to the Upfit offering, Upfit Zones, includes further options to clearly define and delineate interior spaces. Additional internal space dividers facilitate physical distancing among individuals and small groups while offering even more variety and versatility in the configuration of an already highly modular system.
Ideas and Inspirations
Healthy Outdoor Spaces offers a suite of solutions for every outdoor site:
Ideas and Inspirations
Modifications to standard products
Modifications to Standard Products
While our collection for healthy outdoor spaces includes a variety of versatile new products and reimagined solutions, we recognize that some sites may require more customized solutions. To accommodate these special cases, we’ve also identified a large handful of additional products in our line that can be easily customized for use in university, corporate, and healthcare campuses, municipal locations, and other public outdoor spaces.
Potential applications of single seat and big table:
  • Parc Centre table
  • Austin
  • Chase Park
  • Carousel
  • Gretchen
  • Lakeside
  • Mingle
  • Neoliviano
  • Neoromantico
  • Parallel 42
  • Palisade
  • Plexus
  • Presidio
  • Plainwell
  • Parc Vue
  • Trapecio
  • Plexus bench
Space Planning Guide
Maintaining a safe distance (approximately 6 feet or 2 meters) from others is critical. A 72-inch planning bubble will create the recommended distances between people.
From pocket parks to public places, there are myriad variables to consider when determining arrangements for site furnishings. To assist designers in this process, we have developed spacing guidelines that combine our years of experience activating outdoor spaces with the emerging community mitigation framework identified by the CDC.
Wellness Outdoors: Space Planning for Healthier Places
Parc Centre Chair quick Ship Program
Parc Centre Chair Quick Ship Program
In response to the acute need for large quantities of chairs as businesses and institutions move quickly to enact social distancing, Landscape Forms has developed a special “quick ship” program featuring our popular Parc Centre Chair. This steel chair has long been a favorite for its versatility, durability and mobility. Its sled bases are stable on grass, gravel or hard surfaces, it is light enough to be easily moved from place to place, and it’s stackable. We have moved quickly to produce a large inventory of the armless, silver Parc Centre Chair -- the most popular model – to fulfill larger seating orders with special quick shipping to our customers. For inquiries on this program, please contact your Landscape Forms representative or call 800.430.6207.