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2022 Landscape Forms
Lighting Road Show
We had such a great time on last year's Road Show we're packing up the van and hitting the road again! This year's theme is lighting, and there's so much news to share including some really innovative, sculptural, and technologically-sophisticated new lighting systems like Typology, Profile, and SHUFFLE.

These new releases will join some of our other popular lighting products to make for a diverse showcase of our lighting portfolio. Our "mobile showroom," a custom-outfitted Sprinter van, will be visiting lighting specifiers and architecture, design, and electrical contractor firms to share our wares and connect in moments of outdoor inspiration. Beginning in our home state of Michigan, the 2022 Lighting Road Show will cross the Midwest and Central Canada making stops in Michigan, Toronto, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin and Kentucky throughout the early summer months.
Road Show 2021 - The Showroom Is Where We Park It! Road Show 2021 - The Showroom Is Where We Park It!

2022 Road Tour

Grand Rapids, MI
Detroit, MI
Ann Arbor, MI
Toronto, Canada
Cleveland, OH
Pittsburgh, PA
Columbus, OH
Cincinnati, OH
Ft. Wayne, IN
Indianapolis, IN
Louisville, KY
Chicago, IL
Milwaukee, WI
Madison, WI

If you’re interested in attending one of our events, contact your Landscape Forms rep or click here. We’ll reach out to you with additional details.
2021 Landscape Forms Road Show

59 Cities
Over 1700 attendees
23,000 miles driven
Road Show 2021 - The Showroom Is Where We Park It! Road Show 2021 - The Showroom Is Where We Park It!
From Austin to Albany, St. Louis to San Francisco, our trusty Sprinter van traversed this country loaded to the brim with our newest outdoor solutions. Beyond showcasing our latest creations and spreading the love of outdoor enjoyment, the 2021 Road Show was a fantastic way to experience and appreciate the beautifully diverse landscapes this country has to offer.

Check out some of our favorite highlights from the
2021 Landscape Forms Road Show.