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Studio 431

About Us

A Design-Focused, Full-Service Team That’s Reinventing the Custom
Project Process
Landscape Forms is the premier global brand for outdoor site elements, and Studio 431 extends that brand to custom projects, reinventing the process through which custom designs come to life.

We specialize in high-profile projects and branded environments, partnering with leading designers to turn creative concepts into inspiring landscapes. From benches and lighting to transit shelters and sculptural structures, we engineer, develop and manufacture site elements that exceed our design partners’ most challenging expectations.
Craft Legacy, Nimble Style
Studio 431 honors and builds on Landscape Forms’ legacy of design and craft but is organized to be agile and responsive to the intricacies and unexpected turns of custom projects. We’re supported in our engineering and production work by Landscape Forms’ premier facilities and equipment. Our staff creates engineering drawings, 3D models, full-sized prototypes, and finally custom products that have the fit, finish, quality, and attention to every detail that Landscape Forms’ standard products are known for.
We’re with You Every Step of
the Way
Our team is deeply passionate about taking a designer’s vision and bringing it to life, while simultaneously working with the client to stay within budget and on schedule throughout the process. Clients don’t come to us to simply hand off their plans, and our expertise is evident long before fabrication—we’re market specialists, project managers, experienced estimators, engineers, supply chain experts and, of course, master craftspeople. Read about the unique competencies and diverse professional expertise that sets Studio 431 apart in the custom project space.
Our Team
  • Market Specialists

    • Each project is assigned a market specialist, an expert consultant in custom work who collaborates up front with design teams to develop high-value solutions for landscape architects, architects and stakeholders. Studio 431 market specialists have a passion for working with designers, transit agencies and urban planners to help create meaningful, functional and beautiful experiences throughout our cityscapes.
  • Project Managers

    • Studio 431’s project managers are conduits of information and documentation, ensuring the customer and end user get the best possible product, and facilitating a smooth transition with the customer in moving from sales to production when an order is received. With a dedicated project manager assigned to each Studio 431 project, customers have a direct point of contact and tailored personal experience to ensure the clearest and most timely understanding of our custom project process.
  • Estimators

    • An in-house estimating department enables Studio 431 to work with our clients to home in on their certain dollar value. When we’re involved early on in the process, we can help establish a clear budget and provide valuable input to keep costs down. We also welcome projects at every stage of the process, quoting everything from a simple napkin sketch to full-blown construction drawings to make any client’s custom project a reality.
  • Engineers

    • Each Studio 431 project is assigned a dedicated engineer who specializes in finding creative ways to manufacture the product that stay true to the design intent, and which provide the highest levels of quality and craft. Studio 431 engineers approach every project with ease of installation in mind, providing as much pre-assembly as possible, easy-to-follow directions, and intuitive serial numbers on every component. Every detail, down to the quantity and location of screws and fasteners, is analyzed to assemble an unmatched product in the end.
  • Supply Chain Experts

    • The Studio 431 supply chain team ensures that each project is sourced within budget, that materials are delivered on schedule, and that they arrive free from quality issues or defects. The supply chain team serves as the bridge between other internal teams and external partners, working with engineering and manufacturing teams to find creative solutions to complex challenges. In-house supply chain support makes certain the entire Studio 431 team has immediate access to not only the vendor base, but also to up-to-date material market information and the latest feasibility analysis.
  • Master Manufacturers

    • Our manufacturing team is the heart and soul of Studio 431. They are a group of passionate problem-solvers who value craft, never shy away from a challenge and maintain the upmost pride in their work through a keen eye for detail and quality. The Studio 431 manufacturing team thrives in taking on the difficult and out-of-the-box projects, finding creative ways and utilizing new technologies to ensure a successful, world-class end result.
Our team partners with gifted design professionals to create outdoor furniture and accessories that address form and function in unique and intelligent ways for award winning spaces around the country.
National ASLA Professional Awards, Urban Design: Award of Excellence,
Heart of the City: Art and Equity in Process and Place, 2023
INASLA Design Awards, General Design: Design Excellence Award,
Grand Junction Park and Plaza, 2023
National ASLA Professional Awards, General Design: Honor Award,
Grand Junction Park and Plaza, 2023
Monocle Minute Design Award, Best Ecological Effort,
Grand Junction Park and Plaza, 2023
SCUP Excellence Awards, Special Citation - Excellence in Landscape Architecture for General Design,
University of Michigan Eda U. Gerstacker Grove, 2022
Boston Society of Landscape Architects Design Awards, General Design Merit Award,
Seaport Parklets, 2022
Washington Building Congress Craftmanship Awards: Ornamental Metal Award Winner,
Crossing DC, 2021
Architectural Record Advertising Excellence Award, Honorable Mention,
Chase Center, 2020
Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce, Congress for New Urbanism Charter Award,
Monumental Award Finalist, AIM Indiana Placemaking Award,

Monon Boulevard & Midtown Plaza, 2019–2020
American Planning Association Massachusetts Award,
Hancock Adams Common, 2018
ARCHITECT Progressive Architecture Awards, Bloomberg Center at Cornell Tech,
Bloomberg Center at Cornell Tech, 2017
Beazley Designs of the Year,
Smithsonian National Museum of African American History & Culture, 2017
ENR MidAtlantic Best Projects Award of Merit,
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, 2017
Design-Build Institute of America, National Award — Excellence & Merit,
Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center, 2016
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