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Studio 431: Creating one-of-a-kind
site furnishings from inspiration
to installation
“We want the napkin sketch,” says Studio 431 Market Specialist, Mark Haase. “In order for our clients to get the full value out of the Studio 431 experience, we want to be involved in the process as early and as much as possible.” Indeed, Studio 431 offers its customers a unique opportunity to design and create one-of-a-kind site furnishings, using a comprehensive, consultative approach to bring custom projects come to life. Clients come to Studio 431 knowing that every step of the way, from raw concept through final installation, they are guided by experts in their fields.
Inside glimps of design process within Studio 431
Founded in 2010 with just three employees, Studio 431 has quickly grown into a state-of-the-art facility that is home to a close-knit team of 27 full-time employees as well as interns. “Early on, Landscape Forms received a few high-profile, custom project requests and recognized the opportunity to draw upon the full capabilities of the company to offer our clients a level of service and expertise that didn’t really exist anywhere else at the time,” recalls current Engineering Group Leader and original Studio 431 team member, John Shimer. “Studio 431 was born, and grew out of the understanding that for high-profile, high-visibility projects, landscape architects needed much more than just a custom fabricator. They needed a full-service solution that combined the agility and acute level of personalization of a small custom operation with the caliber of engineering and manufacturing, level of quality control, and access to resources only a premier global brand like Landscape Forms can provide.”
Studio 431 design and fabrication team working through the design process.
Since its inception, Studio 431 has continued to increase its capacity, growing from initiating three to four new projects per year to now taking on three to four new projects per week. “We grew almost entirely through word of mouth—the quality and opportunity simply speaks for itself,” says Shimer. “Being part of the development of Studio 431 and seeing the team grow from a simple start-up to a world-class custom studio is an immense source of pride for me. I'm really privileged to work in such a great environment.”
Studio-431 fabrication team member
From budget estimation to supply chain coordination, from innovative creative ideas to sophisticated engineering solutions, Studio 431 thrives in dealing with the details. “We pride ourselves in our problem solving abilities,” says Studio 431 Manufacturing Group Leader, Caleb Nitz. “Whether it’s a custom litter receptacle or a 5,000-pound rooftop trellis, each project has its own specific challenges, but overcoming those challenges and adapting to the dynamic nature of custom projects is what keeps me excited.”
Studio-431 assembly team members working on final product
The group’s work encompasses a full range of materials and technologies, at multiple scales, in a variety of applications including corporate, higher education, sports and entertainment venues, parks and public spaces, public transit, and urban and waterfront revitalizations. It works end-to-end with high-profile clients to design, engineer, develop, manufacture, finish, test, and manage the installation of bespoke site furnishings, lighting elements, streetscapes, and immersive outdoor environments.
Studio-431 team members
“Customers expect high-quality products and service from Landscape Forms, but they’ve also come to know that Landscape Forms operates with such integrity and accountability," says Studio 431 President, Michael Blum. “I’m proud of the work the Studio 431 team does each and every day. The drive to exceed our most sophisticated clients' expectations not just by delivering high-quality products, but also by being an expert, inspired and accountable partner, is unmatched. It’s this spirit that enables us to do what other folks might consider impossible.”