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The Future of Transit, Post-Pandemic

Mobility and transit have a whole new significance in a post-COVID-19 world. While mass transit is absolutely vital to the reopening of cities and a revival of the economy, it also presents significant challenges for public health. Other transit models—from ridesharing to driverless cars—will also have to adjust to the new normal. How will COVID-19 shape the future of mass transit and mobility? 

  • Allison Arieff, Senior Editor, CityMetric
  • James McGrath, Principal, Nelson\Nygaard; and Principal, Business Development, Perkins and WIll
  • Nolan Lienhart, Principal and Director of Planning & Urban Design, ZGF
  • Darin Piippo, Market Specialist, Studio 431, Landscape Forms
  • Hosted by Avinash Rajagopal, Editor in Chief of Metropolis