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STRATA is an innovative collection of MeldStone™ benches and tables that reimagines what cast concrete can be. Created in collaboration with industrial designer Jess Sorel, it is the first Landscape Forms product specifically designed to employ the companys proprietary MeldStone™ Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC) technology. STRATA takes brilliant advantage of MeldStones capability for casting thin, strong forms that are structurally robust and heavy, while visually light and fluid. The STRATA line includes a backless and backed bench, and an asymmetric six-sided table. The line also includes the STRATA Beam benches and table, all of which can be combined in multiple ways to create out-of-the-ordinary social settings. STRATA Beam benches are modular, able to be joined together using bridge legs and three different angle connectors to offer unmatched creative freedom in crafting customized configurations. Forming connected, stand-alone and mixed configurations, STRATA is a family of benches and tables diverse in its capabilities, ideal for parks, campuses and other high-profile public social spaces. It’s clean, modern simplicity complements multiple architecture styles and landscapes.