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From Spaces to Places

Upfit is an adaptive structure with a modern style and endless flexibility to transform spaces into places that invite people to create experiences. Upfit transforms underutilized spaces on corporate, academic, and healthcare campuses and within public and transit areas into sought-out destinations that provide power, light, display, surfaces, and shelter from the elements - all the things people need to live, learn, work, care, play, and travel outdoors. Upfit makes place relevant, useful, and enjoyable.

Architectural Record Excellence in Advertising Award Winner
Spark Award Winner — Platinum and Silver
GOOD DESIGN Award Winner
Architizer A+ Award Jury Winner
IDA Award Winner - Bronze

What is Upfit?

Upfit starts with a single 16’ x 16’ x 10’ base unit.

Your tool kit: A modular system of posts,
beams, roofing, panels, and tables.

Manage the weather with smart and
automated louvered roofing.

Add power for lighting and charging.

Then let us handle everything from
estimate to site inspection to site installation.

Statement of Line
Our Upfit Adaptive Outdoor Structures are installed in a wide range of applications across vertical markets. From college campuses to corporate campuses, municipalities and cities, rooftop retreats and public spaces, these customizable structures can scale up or down to fit virtually any need or space. See how designers have integrated Upfit to create one-of-a-kind landscape environments that help people work, play, live, travel and heal — better.

US Bank Plaza Rooftop Terrace

Not Custom
Upfit’s post-and-beam system gives you the tools to create endless configurations based on your aesthetic goals, functional requirements, and site. Upfit is scalable, making it easy for you to tailor your design to its purpose and use, from a simple single unit to a fully powered, lit, and furnished multi-unit structure with louvered roof and weather management system. Upfit can be embedded, surface-mounted, and connected to buildings at the ground or rooftop.
Experts Every Step
of the Way
Upfit is a collaboration among experts in architecture, industrial design, outdoor structures, outdoor site furnishings, and LED lighting. The collective expertise of Landscape Forms, KEM STUDIO, and StruXure Outdoor is evident in every aspect of Upfit. Upfit represents the best of our combined skills − design, engineering, manufacturing, technology, project management, delivery, and installation.
Upfit is built to last. Structural components are warranted for 15 years of daily outdoor use; electrical components are warranted for five years; and panels, tables, and bike rack for three years.