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Hosted By Cleveland Clinic
Healthcare In Transition

Cleveland Clinic


We are going through an evolution in healthcare. We have been through changes before, but this is different. In this new era of "Value-Based Care" there is tremendous focus on reducing costs and becoming more efficient - in clinical processes and the way we deliver care, in the way we operate our facilities, and in the way we design and construct them.
Joseph Strauss, Director/Planning and Design, Cleveland Clinic
With that introduction, moderator Joseph Strauss set the theme for a roundtable discussion of key issues in current healthcare facilities planning and design. The event, hosted by Cleveland Clinic in early April 2014 and sponsored by Landscape Forms, brought together twelve distinguished design professionals to share insights, learning and best practices. Participants included directors and administrators of three of the country's largest medical centers, architects from international firms, and architects and landscape architects from regional practices.
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