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Gunnar is a unique floodlight system with functionality as versatile as its universally modern aesthetic. Designed by master multidisciplinary artist Antoni Roselló of Urbidermis, Gunnar is inspired by the work of neoclassical Swedish architect Gunnar Asplund. Its systematic approach centers around its floodlight projector, a robust LED luminaire whose fluted housing takes cues from the columns of classical architectural orders. While bridging traditional and contemporary design language, Gunnar remains minimal and modern, offering a worldly aesthetic and broad versatility.

Wall-mounted, catenary, or pole-mounted in a variety of heights with up to four projectors per single pole, Gunnar provides myriad options for layered lighting in outdoor architectural and urban environments. Further customizability through adjustable mounting arms, various symmetric and asymmetric distributions, different outputs, 3000K and 4000K color temperatures, and diffuser screens ensures the precise quantity and quality of light for the right context—highlighting art and architectural details, illuminating plazas, walkways and promenades, and casting accents on entryways and facades.

From global design partner Urbidermis.