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Arne & Arne S

A classic modernist design and 21st century LED technology still define the Arne line, inspired by the work of renowned Danish architect and designer Arne Jacobsen. But now the line is expanded to give lighting and landscape designers a greater range of choices including the smaller-scaled Arne S to appropriately and beautifully light outdoor environments.

Multiple asymmetric and symmetric distributions, a range of mounting styles, outputs, clear and diffused lenses, and shielding are among the choices the lighting family gives designers to create distinctive outdoor visual experiences.

Arne’s formal simplicity has international appeal and complements both traditional and contemporary architecture. The smaller Arne S luminaire creates intimate light experiences that bring the ambiance of indoor lighting into the outdoors. Arne and Arne S lights are UL listed, International Dark Sky approved, and meet ROHS guidelines.

From global design partner Urbidermis.​​​​​​