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L I N E Landscape Panels

Space Definition, Site Identity
The timeless, minimalist form of L I N E landscape panels, designed by Shane Coen and Coen+Partners, defines the boundaries of the landscape, whether a linear grass path or an urban plaza. L I N E panels delineate space, provide enclosure, and give landscape architects a vocabulary to express their unique site designs. L I N E landscape panels take away the hassle for landscape architects. Posts, hinges, doors, and locks are included in the offering, so landscape architects can play and explore both standard and custom applications of L I N E panels without sweating the details.
L I N E Landscape Panels
Creating a Dialogue
L I N E doesn’t try to replicate the organic shapes of nature but rather celebrates them through the contrasting presence of the panels’ geometric, repetitive forms. L I N E celebrates natural elements in its geometric form. Human, minimal lines running through natural elements call attention to nature.

L I N E affects the landscape in different ways. Panels in a sea of grasses and trees become a quiet element within the space. Panels in an urban setting relate to the angles and grid of the surrounding architecture and streetscape.
Shane Coen
L I N E designed by
Shane Coen | Coen+Partners
Contextual minimalism is how Coen+Partners defines its design approach. The Minneapolis-based landscape architecture firm’s commitment to minimalism is evident in project sites around the world. Shane Coen, along with partners Robin Ganser and Sara Czerwinski, explore the context of a site, including colors and patterns, natural and built elements, infrastructure and use. Every element of their work is informed by a site’s context, which they express through abstraction. The firm received the Smithsonian Cooper Hewitt National Design Award for Landscape Architecture in 2015, an Emerging Voices Award from the Architectural League of New York in 2009, the Progressive Architecture Award from Architecture magazine in 2003, and numerous ASLA national and Minnesota Chapter awards. Coen is a frequent lecturer at universities around the world and serves as a critic for Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design. Shane Coen founded Coen+Partners in 1991.
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Statement of Line
L I N E Landscape Panel - Half-Inch Vertical Rod
Half-Inch Vertical Rod
L I N E Landscape Panel - Vertical Picket
Vertical Picket
L I N E Landscape Panel - Vertical Louver - Angled
Vertical Louver - Angled
L I N E Landscape Panel - Vertical Louver - Straight
Vertical Louver - Straight
L I N E Landscape Panel - Half-Inch Horizontal Rod
Half-Inch Horizontal Rod
L I N E Landscape Panel - One-Inch Vertical Slat
One-Inch Horizontal Slat
L I N E Landscape Panel - Perforated Panel
Perforated Panel