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Kaleidoscope OS

Kaleidoscope OS

Kaleidoscope OS
designed by
Brian Kane.
About Brian Kane
Brian Kane established Kane Design Studio in San Francisco in 1989 following tenure as designer for Metropolitan Furniture, later acquired by Steelcase. Kane has designed several of Landscape Forms most popular and critically acclaimed benches including Presidio, Sonoma, Towne Square, Washington Square, and Hyde Park, as well as the Annapolis bollard. His bench designs marry graceful curves with comfort and strength to meet the special demands of exterior seating. Hyde Park was awarded the APEX Commendation for design.

Kaleidoscope OS (Open Structure) creates outdoor structures of exceptional utility, stability and style. A foot lower in height than its predecessor, Kaleidoscope OS has improved pedestrian scale; is open on all sides, withstands wind loads up to 146 mph; and can be mounted below grade or surface mounted for ease of installation and retrofit.

Kaleidoscope OS
Surface mount
88" x 107"
Kaleidoscope OS
88" x 113"
Kaleidoscope OS
No seats
88" x 117" x 107"
Kaleidoscope OS
6 seats
88" x 202" x 107"
Kaleidoscope OS
9 seats
88" x 288" x 107"