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Continuing Education

Continuing education is just that, continuing your quest to be the best by keeping up on the latest information in your field. We work with the industry’s leading subject matter experts to create quality landscape architect and architect continuing education courses from the ground up, ensuring your time is well spent and your CEU requirements are met. Our courses and programs arm you with critical skills and knowledge to expand your foundations of knowledge, and stay up-to-date on new trends and industry-relevant topics.
Landscape Forms - Continuing Education
Continuing Education - Campus Lighting Design
Campus Lighting Design
There are a lot of variables that impacts whether a student feels connected to the college or university that they attend or how an employee interacts with the corporate campus at which they work. The right lighting strategy can dramatically improve daily campus activity, whether educational or corporate, and use of the campus into the evening hours. This CEU will discuss how one design firm approached the outdoor lighting of an educational campus’ central quad and its hierarchy of pathways to not only connect the buildings, but also create a sense of community. In addition, other lighting design use cases will also be explored - from small plazas to large, open areas - to showcase how the lighting can be tailored to maximize the spaces that are being lit.
Designing the Outdoor Room
The purpose of this course is to provide inspirational tools that promote conversation and open minds (and funding) for more comprehensive outdoor spaces. We will examine the critical role that site furnishings and supporting technology play in meeting the unique and evolving needs of outdoor space, by presenting and exploring insights and solutions in a range of outdoor environments - from college, healthcare, and corporate campuses, to transit, living and recreational spaces. We believe outdoor space has the ability to connect people with nature and each other in meaningful ways and that that potential can be optimized with smart site furnishing and supporting technology applications.
Continuing Education - Designing the Outdoor Room
Continuing Education - Environmental Impacts
Lighting Design in the Outdoors & Minimization of Environmental Impacts
This session will explore why lighting design in outdoor spaces needs to take into consideration not only human activities, but also the context of pedestrian spaces, among them the architecture, changes based on day to night, and adjacencies to the space. This CEU will discuss the hierarchy of design elements to consider when lighting outdoor spaces for people and how they live, learn, work, care, play and travel. In addition, it will also explore the varying types of lighting zones, the applications of those zones, and the amount of light to be used within those lighting zones.
This course is designed to provide in‐depth information about materiality that may be unknown in the design community. It will provide important knowledge for design professionals to problem‐solve and recommend material specifications for use in the outdoor environment. It will also inform specifiers on how to educate clients with the implications of materiality relevance, supporting their recommendations, and client expectations for the life of the project.
Continuing Education - Materiality
Continuing Education - Pedestrian & Pathway LED Lighting
Pedestrian & Pathway LED Lighting
This session will explore the human interaction with contrast, color rendering, and glare reduction that shape and enhance the visual experience while protecting the environment. Lighting design based on pedestrian activities at night requires very different requirements from vehicular roadway-centric lighting. Participants will learn the basics of LED technology and become familiar with concepts to help evaluate LED lighting for future projects.
Outdoor Lighting Tour
This course is designed to introduce specifiers to the design criteria and process for manufacturing exterior light fixtures through an interactive tour of the Landscape Forms outdoor lighting showroom. On this tour, participants will learn about the basics of LED lighting and the criteria for evaluating LED lighting based on visual performance, energy and economics, and aesthetics. The goal will be to leave with a broad understanding of how to specify a wide-range of exterior products for a variety of applications on future projects, and to be inspired with new ways of reimagining bringing the exterior environment to light.
Continuing Education - Outdoor Lighting Tour
Continuing Education - Urban Lighting & Space Design
Urban Lighting & Space Design
The goal of this course is for you to acquire a better understanding of how our ever evolving urban spaces need more opportunities for humans to connect, interact, and live. We will focus on how the city of Denver – pioneers of the urban pedestrian mall concept – have reimagined the 16th Street Mall and the approach to lighting the space to better address the needs of the human inhabitants using the space.