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Albany Skyway
Albany Skyway
Albany Skyway
Albany Skyway
Albany Skyway

​Albany, NY

Studio 431 Custom Elements:

​Trellis Structures

Landscape Forms Elements:
Design Partners:
Team Members:

​New York State Department of Transportation, City of Albany

Reinventing a Community Connection

Years in the making, the Albany Skyway vision began with a highway offramp that wasn’t experiencing its expected rate of traffic. Gary Sorge, Discipline Leader of Landscape Architecture at Stant​ec​, identified this underutilized exit ramp from the northbound Interstate 787 as the perfect opportunity to create a pedestrian connection from downtown Albany to the Hudson River waterfront, enhancing equitable access to urban public space and boosting recreation and tourism opportunities for the community. 

“Our vision emerged from working closely with the city and the New York State Department of Transportation. To lead the feasibility study, complete final design, and see our vision come to life is a thrill. The benefits to the community are paramount and are clear to see.” says Sorge.

The much-anticipated elevated half-mile linear park now welcomes cyclists and pedestrians from one of Albany’s most historically underserved census tracts, while serving as a shining example of the modern reinterpretation of urban infrastructure to suit the needs of people -- not cars -- first and foremost.   

For the park’s site furnishings, Landscape Forms’ Studio 431 custom division took the manufacturing helm, crafting the bespoke trellis structures, central to establishing the site’s local character and historic relevance. "These structures are the centerpieces of the Albany Skyway,” says Landscape Forms Senior Business Development Representative, Nadene Worth. 

“The Studio 431 engineering team did a beautiful job taking Stantec’s design intent and realizing that as the focal points for the whole project."

- Nadene Worth, Senior Business Development Representative, Landscape Forms

Stantec's astute design, then expertly brought to life by Studio 431, connects deeply with the maritime history of the Albany community. The trellis structures represent an abstracted vision of a ship’s hull—specifically the hull of the Halve Maen, a Dutch East India Company mercantile vessel captained by famed navigator, sea explorer, and river namesake Henry Hudson who arrived in New York Harbor in 1609. 

Partnering for Top-Tier Results

Travis Ewen, Associate at Stantec, brought Studio 431 into the Albany Skyway project. "Being familiar with Studio 431 and their capabilities from previous projects, I knew they were the right resource for this job,” says Ewen. "With the skyway being a publicly bid project, it was really advantageous for us to have Studio 431 manufacture our designs as completed units from their factory to ensure clarity in pricing and to ensure the quality of craftsmanship that we know from Landscape Forms.”

While the park officially opened in April of 2022, the planning, design, and engineering stages began years earlier, with Studio 431 taking part in each step along the way. 

"Working with Studio 431 was reassuring throughout all stages of the project."

– Travis Ewen, Associate, Stantec​

“Early on, they were eager to share their design and engineering expertise. During construction, they took care of all the granular manufacturing details so we could focus on the structural engineering of the trellises’ footings,” Ewen recalls “And looking forward, especially in case of routine damage, we’re reassured by the quality of Studio 431’s engineering because components can be replaced individually without scrapping an entire structure.”

Alongside the custom structures, Landscape Forms’ Rama area lights, Plainwell benches, and Bola bike racks complete the installation. "I really like the combination of the site furnishings and lights and the way they work together,” Worth describes. "The Plainwell benches are quite traditional but have a bit of a modern twist, so they pair beautifully with Rama’s very modern, minimalist lines."

Albany Skyway’s centerpiece trellis structures speak to Studio 431’s ability to execute large-scale design and engineering projects while maintaining finesse and elegance in the small artistic details, and the impact this attention can have on a site’s visitors. "One of my personal favorite details was having the Albany Skyway etched into the rings on the shade structures—a subtle touch we ensured made it through to the final design,” describes Ewen. "We were sure that the overarching goal of the project—to connect people to the river—would be a success, but to see people already posting pictures of these details on Instagram and having their experiences enriched by the thoughtful, minute touches is that much more rewarding,” he concludes. 

Contact Us

To learn more about Studio 431 or to inquire about custom capabilities on an upcoming project, contact your Landscape Forms Representative or click here.​


Albany Skyway
Albany Skyway
Albany Skyway
Albany Skyway
Albany Skyway
Albany Skyway