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Celebrating Scholarship and a More Equitable Future for Landscape Architecture

Landscape Forms is proud to continue its partnership with the Landscape Architecture Foundation to offer annual scholarships for distinguished undergraduate landscape architecture students: The Landscape Forms Scholarship in Memory of Peter Lindsay Schaudt and the Landscape Forms Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Scholarship.

We deeply believe in the positive impact landscape architects can have on the environment and society’s connection to it, and consider it a fundamental responsibility to support, celebrate and elevate the rising leaders in our industry. Through our annual scholarships, we seek to increase the influence of the next generation of landscape architects by creating a more equitable, inclusive, creative and sustainable future for the profession.

In partnership with:

Landscape Forms Scholarship in Memory of Peter Lindsay Schaudt

Inspiring a Passion for Artfully-Designed Outdoor Spaces

The Landscape Forms Scholarship in Memory of Peter Lindsay Schaudt celebrates the 30-year career of a leader and visionary in landscape architecture. Peter was one of the founding principals of the award-winning firm, Hoerr Schaudt Landscape Architecture in Chicago, Illinois and a dedicated member of the Board of Directors for Landscape Forms. He was widely admired for his incredible talent, dedication, generosity, and integrity – and passion for the “art of design.” 

This scholarship is open to landscape architecture students in their final two years of full-time undergraduate study in a LAAB- or LAAC-accredited program in the U.S. or Canada and is awarded on the basis of academic accomplishment and creative design ability. Applicants must demonstrate passion, commitment, and competence in creating artfully-designed places for people.

Landscape Forms Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Scholarship

Because the Future of Landscape Architecture Starts with Diverse Perspectives

Celebrating its inaugural year in 2021, Landscape Forms Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Scholarship reflects our aim to help create a society where social justice and racial diversity are the norm. We believe the best workplaces embrace individuality where any person can feel a strong sense of belonging—we aspire to that reality for our own workplace, and we are committed to help spread this mindset across the whole of landscape architecture professions. This scholarship was established as a small but meaningful step toward achieving that vision of a just and diverse community in our industry, helping Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) students advance in their education and career in landscape architecture. The Landscape Forms Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Scholarship is open to undergraduate landscape architecture students who identify as BIPOC and are currently enrolled in a LAAB- or LAAC-accredited program in the US or Canada. Candidates must demonstrate financial need, academic aptitude, and commitment to the discipline of landscape architecture.

Scholarship Winners

Congratulations to Our 2023 Scholarship Recipients:

Cheryl Zeng, Jakobi Johnson, and Tairiq Mansfield

Cheryl Zeng (left image), recipient of the 16th annual Landscape Forms Scholarship in Memory of Peter Schaudt, FASLA, is a third-year landscape architecture student at Cornell University who found a calling in landscape architecture's combination of art and science. "I spent my first two years studying civil engineering, finished the whole engineering core, and was working a civil engineering internship when I had the realization that this wasn't the fit for me. Then I found out about landscape architecture," describes Cheryl. "After moving from Houston to Ithaca, with its beautiful gorges and waterfalls, I felt like I had finally found my appreciation for nature. I experienced how being in beautiful natural landscapes touches people's lives, helps us become happier and healthier, and connects people together in a unique way. I became really inspired by using landscape architecture to bring these experiences to cities, address the inequitable distribution of green space, and share the beauty that I found in the natural world." We are proud of Cheryl for working to combine her passions for art, science, and nature, an inspiring mix that we think makes her a perfect fit for our field.

Jakobi Johnson (middle image), co-recipient of the Landscape Forms Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Scholarship, is a second-year landscape architecture student at Michigan State University whose interests span the design fields of historical preservation and restoration, plaza design, and parks and recreation. "I'm originally from Detroit, so I'm especially interested in combining my design passions in ways that can positively influence Detroit's youth," says Jakobi. "More meaningful landscapes add vibrance to communities, and especially in urban neighborhoods with greater blight and adversity. Access to sustainable, resilient landscapes can have a really positive impact on livelihood and wellbeing. I want to use design to help revitalize communities, improve economic mobility, and promote diverse racial integration, while also promoting ecological health and environmental justice." We completely agree with Jakobi about the power of sustainable design to enhance wellbeing, and we're excited to see the positive impact her design passion will have on our industry.

Tairiq Mansfield (right image), co-recipient of the Landscape Forms Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Scholarship, is a landscape architecture, sustainability, and architecture student at Clemson University whose appreciation for design, creative thinking, and community sparked a passion for landscape architecture. "What I found in studying landscape architecture were the types of personal connections and a sense of community that I didn't find when I was studying engineering. Combined with my passions for designing and building things with my hands, I'm happy that I made the tough decision to switch majors," says Tariq. "I think especially in today's world, people need better connections with who they really are and where they're really from. Through landscape architecture, I want to create spaces that connect people to nature and community and expand the positive impact that these connections had in my life." We really admire the importance Tairiq places on reconnecting people with their community and their landscape, a mission we think will make him an incredible asset in landscape architecture.

Previous Years' Winners

  • Najla Said Lopez

    Najla Said Lopez, recipient of the 15th annual Landscape Forms Scholarship in Memory of Peter Schaudt, FASLA, is a fourth-year landscape architecture student at the University of Florida with varied interests and a diverse professional background brought together by a passion for helping those in need. 

    "I enjoy how landscape architecture combines science, nature and art,” Najla describes. "I think it’s a very powerful field—after immigrating to Miami from Jordan, I’ve worked in a refugee resettlement agency and a children's mental health crisis unit, and I’ve come to realize that in whatever line of work I’m doing, I want to be helping people. In landscape architecture, I’m inspired by the way that a connection to and love for nature is universal. And in improving sustainability, equity-based design, and advocating for equitable access to green spaces, I think we can serve underprivileged communities in really important ways.” Najla has demonstrated immense compassion and extraordinary aptitude, and we’re so proud to welcome her to our industry.

    Victor Cizik

    Victor Cizik, co-recipient of this year’s Landscape Forms Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Scholarship, is a third-year landscape architecture student at the University of Connecticut who seeks a future for streetscapes and urban design that is more sustainable, more pedestrian friendly, and filled with the beauty of nature. 

    "Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve loved being outside in nature. I knew that in my studies and in my career, I would be involved with nature in some way, but initially I just wasn’t sure how,” Victor recalls. "But in landscape architecture, I found a way to share this passion and provide opportunities especially for low-income communities to experience the inspiration and beauty that I find outside. I have a preference for naturalistic landscape design—solutions that accentuate the existing forms and patterns found in nature—and my goal is to introduce better ways to express these ideas in the urban streetscape.” Victor’s passion for the natural world truly resonates with our mission, and we’re excited to see him thrive in our industry.

    Adriel Jimenez

    Adriel Jimenez, co-recipient of this year’s Landscape Forms Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Scholarship, is a landscape architecture student at the University of Florida inspired by regenerative landscape design utilizing 3D modeling programs, data from GIS, CAD, and site-specific local research. 

    "I’m inspired by the idea of using local context to inform landscape design—combining an area’s cultural heritage and natural features and expressing this in the landscape,” says Adriel. "For my capstone, I’m interested in the idea of replanting mangroves on the Florida coast as a way of using native, natural solutions to combat the catastrophes of climate change. As a society, we’ve disconnected from our roots and our attachment to nature, so I think rebuilding these connections is a crucial step in solving the problems we currently face.” Adriel’s passion for learning about cultures and ecosystems will make him an incredible asset in our field.

  • Jordan Chiang

    Jordan Chiang, 2021 recipient of the Landscape Forms Scholarship in Memory of Peter Lindsay Schaudt, FASLA, is an exceptional landscape architecture student graduating from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. 

    A self-described “landscape nerd,” he is profoundly intrigued by the natural world and the interdisciplinary aspects of landscape architecture. “For me, getting into landscape architecture was the natural combination of my passions for both the arts and the sciences,” describes Jordan. Jordan’s level of passion is accompanied by a keen eye for detail in the landscape. “In my free time, I really love exploring new neighborhoods, identifying native plants and appreciating the subtle differences in architecture,” Jordan says. Jordan has demonstrated extraordinary aptitude and passion for his field, and will no doubt do great things in the landscape architecture profession. 

    Diamond Owens

    Diamond Owens, 2021 recipient of the Landscape Forms Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Scholarship, is an accomplished landscape architecture student from the University of Georgia. Diamond is pursuing the profession to discover meaningful new connections with the outdoors, building on her own experiences with nature to help enhance the experiences of others. 

    "I strive to be more than just a designer, more than just a landscape architect. I strive to be an activist and an educator,” says Diamond. "I truly cherish that my contributions to the world will change the lives of adults, children, people of all ages and races. My perception of nature was falsely shaped by its lack of prevalence in the inner city, Therefore, I commit to positively impact the lives of others in the urban environment.” With a focus on public health, environmental education and the integration of nature in the urban landscape, Diamond will assuredly contribute significantly to the field. 

  • Claire Jarvis

    We would like to extend a big congratulations to Claire Jarvis, winner of the 2020 Landscape Forms Scholarship in Memory of Peter Lindsay Schaudt. Claire Jarvis is a leading landscape architecture student graduating this year from the University of Georgia. A self-described “huge nerd about the natural world,” Jarvis pursued landscape architecture as a way to meld her personal passions for human-landscape relations, drawing, and spatial problem solving into one field of study. When asked what excites her most about entering landscape architecture as a profession, Claire responds, “I can’t wait to further explore the relationships between humans and our environment, and the ways in which we can better integrate human lives into healthy ecosystems. I am also eager to develop relationships with, and learn from, experienced professionals who can help guide my passion for botany and ecology.” Jarvis seeks to use landscape architecture as a means of restoring degraded North American landscapes to proper ecological health, and aspires to get others excited about the value and necessity of native plant species. In her free time, Claire enjoys studying the interplay between plants, soils, microorganisms, animals, geology, and human life. While not in the studio or hiking, she is passionate about niche sci-fi board games, illustrating comics, cycling, and cooking vegetarian cuisine.

  • Guadalupe Rodriguez

    Guadalupe was the winner of the 2019 Landscape Forms Scholarship in Memory of Peter Lindsay Schaudt, FASLA, and was a BSLA Candidate at Cal Poly Ponoma.

    Always the girl that goes over the top doing more than what is asked, Guadalupe enjoys competition, challenges, and adventures. From an early age, becoming an architect was her “big dream”. As a first-generation college student, she says that getting a higher education sometimes seems like a destination with no path, but she will keep going towards her dream. She would like to use landscape architecture as a way to educate kids about their surroundings and natural resources.

  • Christian Moore

    Christian was the winner of the 2018 Landscape Forms Scholarship in Memory of Peter Lindsay Schaudt, FASLA*, and was a BLA Candidate at The Ohio State University. 

    Christian Moore is a landscape architecture student at the Knowlton School of the Ohio State University. Born in Johannesburg but raised in the farming communities of central Illinois and northeast Ohio, he studies the design and evolution of rural settlements and their relationships with local ecologies. Christian is the recipient of several travel grants and has done fieldwork in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, the Republic of Georgia, and the western United States and Canada. A plantsman, he has four years of nursery experience in Ohio and interned at Hermannshof Botanical Garden in Weinheim, Germany in 2017. An active ambassador and representative for his school, Christian intends to continue to travel after graduation and establish a design firm that specializes in international rural development.

    *The award, formerly named Landscape Forms Design for People Scholarship, was later changed in memory of Peter Lindsay Schaudt, FASLA, in 2018.

  • Sarah Robinson

    Sarah, a BLA student at the University of Guelph, was the 2017 winner of the Landscape Forms Design for People Scholarship.

    As an undergraduate landscape architecture student at the University of Guelph, Sarah Robinson enjoys designing not just spaces, but improving people’s lives through the leadership and innovation that this discipline offers. Currently Sarah is working on an independent design project based on her thesis; these projects seek to alleviate loneliness through retrofitting suburban neighborhoods. As someone who grew up on a cul-de-sac in Kitchener, Ontario, Sarah is especially interested in using the centers of these dead-end streets as opportunities to create social engagement. After graduation, Sarah hopes to continue designing communities – specifically designing for communities – to bring neighbors together through their local built environment. This focus allows her to pursue other interests which include learning about other cultures and exploring the everyday lives of people around the world.

  • Laura Koch

    Laura, a BLA student at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, was the 2016 winner of the Landscape Forms Design for People Scholarship.

    Laura Koch grew up in a small town in central Nebraska where she gained a familiarity with the surrounding rural countryside where her father farmed for most of her life. This exposure taught her about the functional possibilities of the designed landscape and engrained in her an appreciation for the environment. Laura is currently completing her fourth year as an undergraduate student, and will be graduating with a BLA from the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. She strives to help others grow in passion, dedication, and skill through peer mentoring and ambassadorship, as well as through her leadership in and teaching of color guard, an activity which she loves dearly. She is confident that the skills she has acquired through her education will bring her success as she moves on to the professional world in San Antonio, post-graduation.

  • Austin Javellana

    Austin, a BLA student at Iowa State University, was the 2015 winner of the Landscape Forms Design for People Scholarship.

    I am a mid-western designer passionate about meeting the needs of others through design and service. Being from a small town, I am interested in how people interact with one another, what makes community, and how landscape architecture can interact and enhance the public realm. I am currently in my fourth year of study at Iowa State University majoring in landscape architecture with a minor in general business. I am interested in urban design and nonprofit work and would like to see myself working in an urban environment before beginning a teaching career. I have begun my goals of combining design and service by helping build restorative landscapes with offenders from the Iowa Department of Corrections at the Iowa Correctional Institution for Women as well as being a graphic designer for Dance Marathon, a nationwide Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals’ philanthropic effort. 

  • Salvador Lindquist

    Salvador, a BLA Candidate at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, was the 2014 winner of the Landscape Forms Design for People Scholarship.

    The environmental stewardship emphasized by the wilderness canoe program that I worked for in northern Minnesota inspired my passion in sustainable landscape reclamation, restoration and preservation. With a minor in community and regional planning, I believe in situating landscapes in ways that are not only environmentally sustainable, but socially and economically responsible as well. As an active leader I volunteer as a student ambassador, ASLA treasurer elect, and peer mentor to the freshman Landscape Architecture students. Also, in an effort to integrate research with Landscape Architecture, I work for the Undergraduate Creative Activities and Research (UCARE) Program focusing on green roof related research. Ultimately, I want to become a registered Landscape Architect and design resilient landscapes in order to improve the health of the people who interact with it; the Landscape Forms Design for People Scholarship will help me to pursue this dream.

  • Courtney Smith

    Courtney, a BLA student at Clemson University, was the 2013 winner of the Landscape Forms Design for People Scholarship.

    Currently in her final year of study in Landscape Architecture at Clemson University, Courtney plans to graduate in December 2013.  Pursuing a Bachelor’s degree of Landscape Architecture, she hopes to graduate and work in the field for a few years before obtaining her license. Ultimately aspiring to become a professor of Landscape Architecture, she plans to return to school and obtain a master’s degree in urban planning and eventually a PhD. Beyond her interests in school, she is an active member of Clemson’s chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architecture and a member of Sigma Kappa Sorority.  Her other interests include dance, traveling, and Clemson football.  Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, she is also an avid Texas Rangers fan.

  • Lauren Durgerian

    Lauren, a BLA student at Cornell University, was the 2012 winner of the Landscape Forms Design for People Scholarship.

  • Wan Fong Wu

    Wan Fong, a BLA student at the University of Washington, was the 2011 winner of the Landscape Forms Design for People Scholarship.

  • Jaclyn Johnson

    Jaclyn, a BLA student at Iowa State University, was the 2010 winner of the Landscape Forms Design for People Scholarship.

  • Julie Murphy

    Julie Murphy was the recipient of the 2009 Landscape Forms Design for People Scholarship. She was a BLA student at the North Carolina State University. 

    “I would love to be able to design places so that all facets of human society are not only more ecologically sensitive, but also community-based, fostering a healthier world for generations to come. I am so thankful for the funds and encouragement this scholarship has given me,” stated Julie. “I intend to continue learning about and designing for people first and foremost. Some of my interests include designing communities and urban fabric, children’s environments, community gardens and public parks. I’m also interested in design in the context of ecological sensitivity, brownfields and reducing the built environment’s focus on the automobile.”

  • Morai Helfen

    Morai, a BLA student at the University of Georgia, was the 2008 winner of the Landscape Forms Design for People Scholarship.

  • Bonnie Cate Kirn

    Bonnie Cate was the first winner of the Landscape Forms Design for People Scholarship in 2007. 

Learn more about Landscape Forms’ scholarships and others available through the Landscape Architecture Foundation.