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Designing for Holistic Sustainability - Webinar Play Webinar
Activating Outdoor Spaces on College Campuses
Read the whitepaper below, which includes Q & A we weren't able to address during the live webinar:
Today, the desire has never been greater to create new outdoor spaces on campus that comfortably bring learning outside, offer an inspiring sense of place, and reflect the unique identities of their institutions. Beyond the Classroom Walls: The Importance of Activating Outdoor Spaces on College Campuses focuses on utilizing biophilic design to enhance higher education experiences. As the desire to better incorporate outdoor space in systems of education continues to increase, this webinar shares interesting, innovative and evidence-based ways to connect students with nature to bolster health, well-being and performance. Watch Now >>
  • Tom Flynn, RLA,Landscape Architect, Penn State University
  • Roberto Rovira, PLA, ASLA, Professor & Chair FIU Landscape Architecture + Environmental Design, Florida International University, and Principal, Studio Robert Rovira
  • Byron Sampson, University Landscape Architect & Associate Director, Arizona State University
  • Moderated by Aan Garrett-Coleman, ASLA, LEED, AP, President & Founder, Coleman & Associates
Download the whitepaper
Designing for Holistic Sustainability - Webinar Play Webinar
Designing for Holistic Sustainability
Advancing holistic sustainability means addressing the three pillars of sustainability through design—creating new solutions that bridge industry boundaries to deal with climate change’s real economic, social, and environmental impacts. Our cross-industry panel of experts will discuss how these three pillars can intersect, overlap and come into conflict. Discussion will continue with an exploration of the technology, policies, and strategies in business, design, media and landscape architecture that can help enact meaningful change for our planet and our communities. Watch Now >>
  • Pamela Conrad, Principal, Landscape Architect, CMG Landscape Architecture; Founder, Climate Positive Design
  • Holger Hampf, President, Designworks, A BMW Group Company
  • Avinash Rajagopal, Editor in Chief, Metropolis Magazine
  • Alan Steel, President and CEO, New York Convention Center Operating Corporation
  • Kate Williams, CEO, 1% for the Planet
  • Hosted by Felix Oberholzer-Gee, Andreas Andresen Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School
Roundtable - Webinar Play Webinar
From Local to Global: Examining the Different Scales of Resilient Design
Resilience encompasses concerns that are both local and global. Locally, different environments face unique sets of vulnerabilities, and solutions must be designed according to those realities. Globally, there are widespread challenges that touch society and the planet as a whole, encompassing and intertwining all of these local realities. Looking at these two frameworks that guide resilient design, the central question becomes: How do we protect communities and increase their capacity for resilience in the here and now while remaining in accordance with the broader goals for humanity, society and planetary systems of resilience? Watch Now >>
  • Gina Ford, Principal & Co-Founder, Agency Landscape + Planning
  • Russell Fortmeyer, Global Sustainability Leader, Woods Bagot
  • Ala Tannir, Architect, Curator & Curatorial Research Fellow, Heinz Architectural Center
  • Hosted by Avinash Rajagopal, Editor-in-Chief, Metropolis Magazine
Landscape Architects Respond to Seismic Shifts - Webinar Play Webinar
Landscape Architects Respond to
Seismic Shifts
This year we’ve seen upheaval in every sector as the Covid pandemic, social justice reconciliation, economic turmoil, and climate change have impacted all parts of life. Our panel of landscape experts will discuss how their work has evolved and focused in response to current realities and share insights about how landscape architects, urban planners, architects and related design professions can address challenges — and opportunities — in a time of introspection and reset. Watch Now >>
  • Charles Cross, ASLA, Director of Landscape Architecture, Detroit Collaborative Design Center, University of Detroit Mercy School of Architecture
  • Eric Kline, Director of Workplace Experience, Adobe
  • Alexis Landes, Managing Principal, SCAPE
  • David Rubin, PLA, FASLA, FAAR, principal, DAVID RUBIN Land Collective
  • Hosted by Chee Pearlman, Arts & Design Curator, TED Conferences
Metropolis Webinar Play Webinar
The Pandemic is a Portal: The Outdoors
Social distancing has disrupted one of the strongest trends in design—the prioritization of common areas and public spaces. Recent research has shown strong connections between outdoor space and human wellbeing. Meanwhile, the smart cities movement has opened up new possibilities for our streets, plazas, and parks. As we look past COVID-19 and towards the reopening of our cities, how can we leverage design and technology to ensure the vitality of outdoor and public spaces? Watch this truly engaging discussion amongst top design and health experts. Watch Now >>
  • Kinder Baumgardner, Managing Principal, Houston, SWA Group
  • Roberto Rovira, Chair of Landscape Architecture + Environmental and Urban Design, FIU
  • Sara L. Warber MD, Clinical Professor Emerita, Family Medicine University of Michigan
  • Kirt Martin, Chief Creative Officer, Landscape Forms
  • Hosted by Avinash Rajagopal, Editor in Chief of Metropolis