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LABash Celebrates 50 Years of
Inspiring Future Generations
of Landscape Architects
Every year since 1970, landscape architecture students and industry professionals have joined forces at LABash for a weekend of networking, mutual inspiration, and inspired discussion about the future of the industry. Held at a different university each year, LABash is an entirely student-run conference offering the next generation of landscape architects the unique opportunity to meet with like-minded individuals, learn new skills from industry leaders, and build the professional relationships that are foundational to starting a career in landscape architecture.
Campus Place-making
Caption: Entitled “Rise Above Run,” the LAbash conference theme draws inspiration from Libe Slope at Cornell University.
Celebrating its 50th anniversary, LABash will take place at Cornell University in April of 2021 (having been postponed one year due to health concerns relating to the COVID-19 virus). This marks the first time the event will take place in New York. Entitled “Rise Above Run,” the conference theme draws inspiration from Libe Slope, a distinct landscape feature of the Cornell campus, to make a profound statement about the future challenges and responsibilities faced by landscape architects.
Campus Place-making
Caption: Students attend a range of sessions from sketch sessions to workshops and lectures to continue their learning in landscape architecture.
LABash Co-Executive Director and senior Landscape Architecture student at Cornell, Molly Davis explains, "As emerging landscape architecture professionals, we’re constantly challenged to 'rise above' the issues that our society is facing and create landscapes that not only acknowledge, but embrace these obstacles through the power of design. Through this year’s LABash, we want to challenge designers to ask how landscape architecture can be used as a medium to rise above climate change, rising sea levels, and a multitude of other issues related to social justice and the environment."
Campus Place-making
Caption: The 2019 conference was held at University of Georgia and was entitled “Find Your Roots.”
As long-time supporter of LABash, Landscape Forms is honored to again participate in the conference as a foundational sponsor. "We believe strongly in the idea that landscape architects play a leading role in shaping the way that society impacts and interacts with the environment. Our continued support of LABash is both a way of empowering and investing in the future generations of our profession and a way of furthering the informed, responsible, and sustainable approach to landscape architecture that we believe is instrumental in confronting current social and environmental challenges,” describes Landscape Forms CEO, Marjorie Simmons.