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Landscape Forms offers bollards with distinctive aesthetic profiles, in steel and aluminum, for a range of functions and applications. Selected bollards include LED lighting, which generates more light output, provides a warm white light, and diffuses the light to provide even illumination with no hot spots. The Annapolis Bollard, designed by Brian Kane and constructed of robust steel, is an effective vehicle barrier and traffic control device. Options include a removable version with a secure locking mechanism; a replaceable polyethylene sleeve that protects from dents and scratches; and an LED light. The Annapolis Smart Bollard features solar power LED lighting.

Paladin and standard-size Sentinel bollards are made of cast aluminum over a structural steel pipe. Both compliment the forms and materials of contemporary architecture and serve as traffic control devices and vehicle barriers. An LED light is optional. Security-size Sentinel is greater in mass and height than the standard version and is designed specifically for mounting over a concrete or steel structure built to US Department of State specifications. Stop is part of the Metro40 collection of site furnishings designed by BMW Group Designworks USA. This handsome traffic control device has a cast aluminum tapered sleeve over an internal structural steel post with space between for an optional wired LED light. Aesthetic variations accommodate mounting and functional requirements: embedded, surface mounted or removable.




35 Guide Bollard
35 Guide
Annapolis Bollard
Paladin Bollard
Sentinel Bollard
Stop Bollard


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35 Guide Bollard
35 Guide
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