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bike racks

Landscape Forms collaborates with landscape architects and designers to develop bike racks in a variety of styles that compliment a range of outdoor spaces and functional requirements. Pi, designed by landscape architect and cyclist Bob Chipman, is a graceful vertical bike rack with powdercoat finish on which cycles are hung by their frames. Bola, Flo, and Ring, designed by Brian Kane, are fluid forms in stainless steel that provide bike storage store in the horizontal position.

Bicilinea, from Santa & Cole, offers robust side-by-side stainless steel storage for 10 or 20 cycles. Key, also from Santa & Cole, provides colorful one-on-one accommodation for a single bike. Ride, which is part of the Metro40 Collection designed by BMW Group DesignworksUSA, is an elegant powdercoated loop that echoes the Metro40 signature ribbon frame. All Landscape Forms bicycle racks are made of robust steel, are strong, durable and weather resistant, and meet APBP (Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals) recommendations.

35 Loop Bike Rack
35 Loop
Bola Bike Rack
Emerson Bike Rack
FGP Bike Rack
Flo Bike Rack
MultipliCITY Bike Rack
Reeder Bike Rack
Reeder Bike Rack
Ride Bike Rack
Ring Bike Rack