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Landscape Forms partners with gifted design professionals to create outdoor furniture and accessories that address form and function in unique and intelligent ways. Our partners include architects, landscape architects, industrial designers, interior designers and a leading multidisciplinary design firm. The products of our collaboration are celebrated for their beauty, quality and performance

Design Team

Kirt Martin

Kirt Martin, Vice President of Design and Marketing

Kirt Martin is a multiple award-winning industrial designer who prior to joining Landscape Forms served as an executive for 17 years at Steelcase Inc. As Landscape Forms Vice President of Design and Marketing, Kirt has played an important role in the company’s robust growth, market expansion, and introduction of groundbreaking products. His work is informed by the conviction that experience of outdoor space promotes social and civic engagement, human health and well-being. He is committed to the creative convergence of design and business, leveraging the power of design to build the business and drive growth.

Brian Revoir

Brian P. Revoir, Senior Designer

Brian Revoir served for 11 years as Senior Product Designer with Michael Graves Design Group/Michael Graves and Associates designing award winning products. He has extensive experience in the management of multiple projects bringing consumer products for major international companies from concept to market. Revoir holds a degree in industrial design from Rochester Institute of Technology and is a member of IDSA (Industrial Designers Society of America). 

Efrain E. Velez

Efrain E. Velez, AIA, IDSA, LEED A.P, Senior Designer

Efrain Velez is a registered architect and product designer with a wide range of experience in the United States and abroad. His professional projects include large complex buildings and award-winning product and furniture designs for medical, hospitality, education and hi-tech industries. He holds a Master of Architecture degree from The University of Texas at Austin and Master’s degree in Industrial Design from the Scuola Politecnica di Design in Milan, Italy.

Design Partners