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transit stops
The Kaleidoscope transit shelter is an open modular structure configured from Kaleidoscope post-and beam-system elements to meet the specific requirements of individual transit stops. Using a few basic elements: posts and canopies, seating, and lighting, landscape designers can create a bus stop shelter or commuter station shelter that fits the site. LED lighting is optional and a solar solution is available.

The Connect transit shelter for bus stops and light rail commuter stations is part of the Metro40 collection designed by BMW Group Designworks USA. An elegant “twisted ribbon” aluminum frame creates a continuous, flowing outline for the glass roofed and glass sided structure, available in 4 feet by 8 feet and 4 feet by 12 feet standard sizes. Integral LED lights, with a solar option, softly illuminate the inside surface of the roof and provide directional lighting. Connect can be moved and reinstalled as transit needs evolve.