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"Design mixes intelligence and poetry
  to improve our lives."
-RODRIGO TORRES, 2018 Red Dot Award Recipient
Rodrigo Torres
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Torres lights quietly take their place within a composition - a beautiful complement to urban landscapes and traditional and contemporary architecture. Designer Rodrigo Torres took an iconic streetlight design and shaped it into a sleek, elongated form with both rational and expressive character. The introvert that makes an impression.
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Landscape Forms manufactures a wide array of outdoor lighting that can be found as part of a complete product family or as stand-alone solutions in classic, contemporary and traditional style.
Landscape Forms believes the goal of outdoor lighting is not to turn night into day, but to provide effective, appropriate,
and beautiful lighting that delivers great visual experience.
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Design. Technology. Ecology
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Our outdoor lighting is installed in high-profile landscape environments. Project types cover a broad range from streetscapes, university campuses, and public parks to corporate courtyards, retail and hospitality settings, therapeutic gardens and healthcare facilities.