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Santa & Cole Urbidermis is a company with vision and a strong point of view. For a quarter century it has been an editor and mediator, bringing to market exceptional furniture, objects and writing on design and winning the Spanish National Design Award in the process.

Bancal Bench

Neoliviano Bench

Key Bike Rack

Humo Ash Urn

Neocombo Bench

Neoromantico Bench

Nu Bench

Plaza Planter

Bicilinea Bike Rack

Trapecio Bench

Rama Area Light

Harpo Bench

Candela Area Light

Skyline Path Light

Harpo Chaise Lounge

Harpo Table

Harpo Lounge Chair


Slope Area Light

Slope Wall Mount

Tumbler Area Light

Tumbler Catenary Light

Tumbler Wall Light


Arne Single Column

Arne S Column

Arne S Catenary

Arne Indirect

Arne Wall Mount

Arne Catenary


Santa & Cole Urbidermis