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STRATA benches have strong horizontal planes and large flat surfaces with an angularity that makes them come alive. The bench seat is thick at the center, progressively thinner as it expands toward the edges, and faceted where angles come together. The extension of the seating plane past the steel base at the ends makes the seat appear to float. Innovative right and left angled backless benches provide subtle corners, so people who are conversing can sit at angles to one another. The top and seat of the straight- backed bench are a single casting with a cutout in the bench back that provides views through to the landscape. Straight and angled benches play off each other. Benches can be placed end-to-end, or the end of one bench can be positioned against the back of another.
Designed by Jess Sorel.
STRATA designs are patent pending.

STRATA Table Olithas Larkspur