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government contracts

State of Florida

Brand Name Bid: Landscape Forms
Price List Name/Number: 3005 U.S. NET PRICES
dated 2/21/2005 and with Florida State Contract Sticker
Fixed Discount from List Pricees: 10% off NET U.S. PRICES
Shipping and Delivery Costs: Quoted F.O.B. Kalamazoo, MI
and added to Invoice
Ordering Instructions:
SPURS Vendor Number: 381897577-001

Vendor: Landscape Forms
Product Inquiry to: Cindy Sternaman
Phone: 800.441.1945, ext 304
Fax: 269.381.3455

GAP Architectural Products, Attn: Josephine Burns
P.O. Box 149063, Orlando, FL 32814-9063
Phone: 407.645.2854     Toll Free: 800.393.1647
Fax: 407.645.4857

Servicing Dealers:
Craig Johnson/Commercial Furnishings
2718 Centerville Rd. Tallahassee, FL 32308
P 805.386.2354     F 805.386.4171

Bob Eckes/Florida Business Interiors
940 Willison Park Pt. Lake Mary, FL
P 407.805.9911     F 407.708.5888