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Volume 2, Issue 1
Lighting Expansions Increase Application Possibilities & Address Project Requirements
Landscape Forms is known as a leader in creating welcoming spaces that improve the outdoor experience through thoughtfully and beautifully designed products. Recent expansions to several of its lighting lines reflect Landscape Forms’ leadership in the lighting industry and its ability to create a sense of place through appropriately designed lighting applications. “Our strategy is to maintain a position of leadership within the industry in both object design and performance parameters of lighting,” says President of the Lighting Business Segment Jordan Agustin.
Torres Lighting
Caption: Torres area lights are a beautiful complement to urban landscapes and traditional and contemporary architecture, improving, but not altering, the composition.
Advancements in LED technology and lighting elements provided lighting engineers and designers at Landscape Forms new tools to enhance the performance of Torres and LEO area lights with more lumen packages and light distributions. Candela, Arne, and Arne S area lights from design partner Santa & Cole Urbidermis offer expanded options as well.
Torres area lights now have three distribution types, four output levels, two drive currents, a clear and diffused lens, and redesigned 36 and 56 LED arrays. LEO area lights have three distributions, four output levels, two drive currents, a clear or diffused lens, and four pole heights. Candela, Arne, and Arne S also offer multiple LED configurations, distributions, and outputs.
LEO area lighting
Caption: LEO is an area light with a no-frills, simple aesthetic that is at home with any architectural style or site design in urban or park settings.
“These enhancements make these area lights more configurable for broader applications and layout possibilities,” says Lighting Engineer Chris Briolat. “Performance enhancements allow end users to focus on what’s important to them, whether its pedestrian-scale visual experiences or budget requirements. The availability of different lens options and output packages lets lighting engineers, lighting designers, and specifiers tailor luminaires to their project goals.”
Landscape Forms lighting engineers and product designers working together
Caption: Our team of lighting engineers and product designers work together to ensure that both object design and performance parameters of lighting are met when developing new products.
The lighting team at Landscape Forms will continue performance enhancements that expand options within the lighting product portfolio. “We’ll continue to employ new lighting technologies and solutions that balance humancentric features and performance attributes,” says Agustin.