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Volume 2, Issue 1
Landscape Forms CEO
Marjorie Simmons on the
Company’s Sustainability Vision
“Enriching the experience in the outdoors and creating a sense of place is what Landscape Forms is all about. Sustainability is foundational to who we are today and what we aspire to become in the future,” says CEO Marjorie Simmons.
Showing the halo effect of Motive wall lighting
Landscape Forms has always been a sustainable organization, but recently the company reenergized its efforts by taking a fresh look at products, processes, programs, and facilities from a sustainability point of view. Simmons is championing the sustainability initiative “because it’s vital. It’s a top priority. But to be successful and sustainable, it needs to be more than an effort talked about only by leaders.” The recently formed Sustainability Committee (aka The Green Team) is comprised of 12 emerging leaders from all areas of the company who have a passion for environmentalism. Each member works with smaller teams in their areas, implementing department wins while also tackling larger company-wide goals. The committee also includes Simmons and Shane Coen, a member of the Landscape Forms Board of Directors.
Motive designer Justin Champaign
Caption: Landscape Forms was founded by landscape architect, John Chipman Sr., who loved the great outdoors and was passionate about design. We continue his legacy by creating beautifully designed furniture for outdoor spaces with a goal to preserve these spaces for many generations to come.
“Our company’s decisions and policies will be made through the lens of sustainability, from initial product concepts and development and manufacturing processes and material choices to supply chain decisions and our day-to-day habits of resource use and recycling,” says Simmons. “Promoting sustainability in all that we do is the right thing to do. It’s good for our planet, good for future generations, and good for our business.”
Motive area light
Caption: A group of Landscape Forms employees gather to help clean the trails at the Chipman Preserve, a 228-acre public park.
The Green Team drafted an environmental statement on Landscape Forms’ stance and actions related to sustainability. Here is the preface to the statement, including the sustainability principles that Landscape Forms has committed to following.
With our stated purpose to “Enrich Outdoor Spaces,” environmental stewardship is part and parcel of what we do at Landscape Forms. In the same way we carefully consider how the environment acts upon our products, we also carefully consider the ways in which our products and practices act upon the environment. Sustainability and stewardship are not just consistent with our company values but are requisite measures in order to achieve our purpose. Design, Culture, and Craft—the three pillars at the core of Landscape Forms—are all permeated by a strong sense of environmental accountability that drives us in every aspect of our business.
  • We will pursue continuous improvement to efficiency and sustainability in all our operations.
  • We will find healthy ways to grow.
  • We will conserve resources.
  • We will consider the complete life cycle of the products we produce.
  • We will identify and address adverse consequences of our operations.
  • We will respect the needs of future generations.
Landscape Forms actively seeks ways to limit the environmental impacts of our manufacturing, packaging, shipping and administrative processes. We employ recycled materials and wood from responsibly managed forests in our products and produce products with a focus on durability and longevity, many of which are themselves recyclable. We implement energy efficient building solutions and specify sustainable products in our facility. In these efforts, we address our customers’ expectations for high-design, high-quality products while also addressing customers’ commitments to sustainability and the natural environment.
Motive pathway - way finding lighting
Caption: In partnership with the Southwest Michigan Land Conservancy, Landscape Forms employees help with separating bulbs for wildflowers and plants that are indigenous to the region.
“I’m proud of Landscape Forms’ commitment to design, quality, and an exceptional customer experience as well as our renewed commitment to sustainability,” says Simmons. “It’s exciting to be working alongside others who are passionate about protecting the environment and see the impact we can have on our communities now and into the future.”