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Volume 1, Issue 1
GO OutdoorTable:
A Transformative Design
for the Future of Urban
Visitors to the Cooper Hewitt exhibition “The Road Ahead: Reimagining Mobility,” saw Landscape Forms’ GO OutdoorTable among other products and projects exploring the future of mobility and the urban environment. The exhibit at the Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum in New York City featured 46 selected design responses that reimagined livable streets and the way people, goods, and services will move in a new age of connected and transformational mobility.
‘The Road Ahead’ pointed to several possible futures for our cities and asked audiences to consider how design will improve and expand options for urban transport. Inviting our visitors to consider and creatively think about the possible outcomes provided by the revolutionary new technologies on the horizon—from grocery-delivering robots to autonomous shuttle services—the exhibition encouraged public engagement in the civic dialogue needed to ensure that new designs for mobility are sustainable, equitable, and life-improving for all."
‐ Caroline Baumann, Cooper Hewitt Director
Denver, Colorado
Powered on or off the grid, the GO OutdoorTable provides light, power access, and shelter from the elements, including glare reduction, and creates active and functional work and social destinations in outdoor environments, from corporate campuses to transit stops.
Denver, Colorado
Photo: A behind-the-scenes peek at the preview of the imaginative exhibition "The Road Ahead: Reimagining Mobility."
Landscape Forms Chief Creative Officer Kirt Martin, who attended the exhibition’s opening night celebration in December of 2018, found the innovative designs invigorating. “I’m inspired by people and companies who see things differently. Creativity, technology, innovation, and business coalesced on the transformative topic of mobility, one that will undoubtedly touch all of us.”