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The Future Is Bright: Meet three emerging lighting professionals
Enlighten Journal often features interviews with leading lighting designers, but in this issue we’re introducing you to three emerging lighting professionals. All are recent graduates of the University of Colorado Boulder with Architectural Engineering degrees and an emphasis on lighting and electrical systems. Read More >>
Preserve, Protect, and Restore the Night Sky: International Dark-Sky Association’s global mission
Who better to understand the vulnerability of a resource such as the night sky than an astronomer? It was an astronomer’s observations at the Kitt Peak National Observatory in Tucson, AZ, that led to the organization now known as the International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) in 1988. The organization is present in 60 countries, with nearly 200 certified International Dark-Sky Places that encourage the preservation and protection of dark sites. Read More >>
Projects in Pictures: Sharing imaginative, interesting, and functional approaches in lighting outdoor spaces
What inspires you? In this debut of Projects in Pictures, we’re showcasing the imaginative, interesting, and functional approaches architects and designers are taking in lighting outdoor spaces. As this series unfolds, we’ll be featuring lighting designs for projects large and small, near and far, and for a variety of uses. Read More >>
SHUFFLE: A smart new approach to outdoor lighting design
Outdoor lighting is increasingly being asked to go beyond mere illumination or navigation. There’s new demand for its design to impact people on a deeper level—to make us feel welcome, safe, productive, confident and connected. Quite simply, to enhance our overall life experiences outdoors. That’s the inspiration behind SHUFFLE, a smart and multi-functional lighting-based system that leans into the more human benefits of lighting design to bring new value to outdoor spaces. Read More >>