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Tips for Writing a successful lighting spec Article
Tips for Writing a Successful Lighting Specification
Writing a successful lighting specification is about dotting your i’s and crossing your t’s. As Landscape Forms Sales Director Scott Reinholt, ASLA, summarizes: “The devil is in the details.” In order to increase the odds that products favored by a landscape architect are selected, it’s important to focus on product performance and take the time to make sure nothing has been left out. Read More >>
Healthy Lighting for Outdoor Spaces
Healthy Lighting for Outdoor Spaces
After months of isolation indoors, we are all eager to make the most of the outdoors for as long as possible. Lighting design plays a vital role in extending the hours that we can use outdoor space, keeping cities vibrant and safe outside daylight hours, and making the public realm accessible to more people. View this discussion held by Metropolis magazine on how we can light outdoor spaces strategically and responsibly to support and nurture good health. Watch Now >>