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Community Outreach

When Our Communities Succeed,
We All Do

We believe that when we support and invest in our local communities, we can enhance the lives of many in profound ways -- together. At Landscape Forms, we’re active and engaged in all the places we call home: Kalamazoo, MI; Duluth, MN and Phoenix, AZ. We live and work in these amazing communities, so strengthening opportunity, improving health and wellbeing, and bolstering social and environmental equity locally are principles we stand firmly by.
Outdoor Experiences for One and All

We believe equitable access to protected natural spaces is a cornerstone of community health and wellbeing. So we partner with the Southwest Michigan Land Conservancy to maintain the Chipman Preserve, a 228-acre park with miles of hiking and walking trails. Every year, enthusiastic associate-volunteers spend time maintaining the trails and planting wildflowers throughout the preserve. These are cherished moments of togetherness outdoors and an immense source of pride for our teams.