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Landscape Forms manufactures a wide array of outdoor lighting including luminaires for streetscape, pedestrian, path and wayfinding applications. We utilize the latest in LED technology and engineer our solutions to be energy efficient, easy to install and maintain, and damage resistant. 
Lighting can be found as part of a complete product family with coordinating furniture or as stand-alone solutions in classic, contemporary and transitional styles.

Street, Area and Pedestrian Lighting

Landscape Forms LED Streetscape, Area and Pedestrian Lights provide general illumination and are often used in combination to create layers of light in outdoor spaces. Streetscape lights are typically 30’ tall and illuminate over the street. Pedestrian lights are 12’ tall and fully illuminate people on the sidewalk. Area lights are focused lights that can be spiral-mounted in multiples on a central pole to illuminate surrounding space. High-design Landscape Forms lights in contemporary and modern-traditional styles are offered as parts of furniture collections and as stand-alone designs.

Path Lighting, Bollards and Wayfinding

Landscape Forms offers an array of Path Lighting, Bollards and Wayfinding elements in a range of styles, as parts of furniture collections and as stand-alone designs. Our LED Path Lights provide general illumination to map the path of travel. Spaced appropriately, these 3’ tall lights meet IES illumination levels for walkways, or they can be combined with streetscape, pedestrian and other lights to achieve the desired lighting level in an outdoor space. Landscape Forms Bollards provide space delineation and traffic control and offer LED lighting as an option to provide a layer of light for orientation and/or accent. Our Wayfinding site elements are designed to orient and direct people through space. In addition to illuminated bollards, they include signage that provides both navigation and graphic identity, and bike racks that provide secure bicycle storage. Integrated LED light sources in Wayfinding elements deliver subtle light for orientation that contributes to the overall illumination of outdoor spaces and creates a pleasing visual experience.


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