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The Chipman line, designed by landscape architect Robert Chipman, includes a cast aluminum chair and stool of stunning sculptural form, and complimentary tables in lounge, dining and standing height versions. In its consummate refinement Chipman adds to the special ambience of high-profile terraces, rooftop gardens, cafes and other protected social spaces. The elegance of design and detail enable these pieces to move easily into high-end residential settings. The compatibility of elements makes it possible to specify one family of products for a range of commercial spaces. Chair, stool and tables are finished with Landscape Forms proprietary Pangard II ® HAPS, VOC, lead-free polyester powdercoat. Aluminum used in manufacture contains 100% recyclable content material. Chipman, the winner of a 2014 IDEA Award,is part of Landscape Forms’ Terrace Life group.