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Manage Comfort, Power, and Weather

Create Place
Panels provide enclosure, space division, and functional choices appropriate for the project and site. Louvered panels angle to shade interiors. Slatted panels provide semi-private outer and interior division. Glass panels are offered in six colors and also act as markerboards. Green panels with wire screens create lush planted walls on the exterior and interior of an Upfit structure. In-line and peninsula tables attach to the structure to create working, reading, and perching spots. An attaching bike rack is also available.
Design. Any Place.
Manage The Weather
Manage The Weather
The louvered roof system manages weather conditions and protection from sun, rain, snow, and wind. The motorized system operates via switch, remote control, or smart device app. Rain and wind sensors detect precipitation and close or excessive wind speed and open to minimize uplift. When the louvers are closed, rainwater is directed to a gutter system designed into the louvers that drains water through a post to the base of unit or into a prepared site drain.
Provide Power and Lighting
Extend Upfit’s hours with lighting and control options, including uplighting and lighting from third-party manufacturers. Upfit posts and beams route electricity to power lights, display monitors, overhead fans, and provide access points.
Provide Power and Light