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We look at every aspect of outdoor lighting with fresh eyes. Our lights integrate high design and LED technology, introducing forms and details that offer a new aesthetic and actively contribute to lighting performance.
We are pioneers in the design and manufacture of coordinated collections of lighting and site furniture elements.
We collaborate with world-class designers and architects to create award-winning designs, and partner with leading lighting consultants to achieve function and performance based on the evolving science of lighting. As a company with deep roots in the landscape, we design our outdoor lighting to provide a visual experience that enhances the sense of place.
Landscape Forms LED lights are designed and engineered to leverage emerging technologies.
We use multiple aiming angles and diffusion techniques to mitigate glare, significantly enhancing visibility and safety.
Our LED lights provide excellent color rendering, increasing visual contrast and target identification. We avoid over-lighting, a common result when playing the numbers game, in favor of lighting levels that provide effective uniformity, allowing some contrast and enhancing peripheral detection. We drive LEDs well below their maximum capacity and design our circuit architecture in series and in parallel to provide intelligent redundancy; quality you expect from a market leader.
Our LED lighting puts technology at the service of people and the environment. We use a warm-white color that provides illumination similar to moonlight, supporting the circadian rhythm and melatonin production essential for human health. We protect "dark skies" by delivering the appropriate light levels required for function and safety while avoiding over-illumination.
We use engineered technologies to control light trespass, which wastes energy and contributes to urban sky glow.
Landscape Forms LED lighting appropriately chosen and installed can meet requirements for LEED Sustainable Sites Credit.