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Landscape Forms
Road Show 2021

The Showroom Is Where We Park It!

That’s right, we’ve loaded up a Sprinter van with our newest outdoor solutions and are hitting the road bringing the showroom to you! Meet our team and experience our newest designs firsthand. Refreshments will be served and work-from-home stories exchanged!

We’ll also be handing out a number of giveaways at the event, and at the tour’s conclusion we will be raffling off items including a Trek bike, portable outdoor speakers, and outdoor furnishings.

Check out our tour schedule below. Hope to see you soon!
Road Show 2021 - The Showroom Is Where We Park It!
The Showroom is Where We Park It!

Tour Dates 2021

Houston May 3 Grand Rapids June 30
San Antonio May 4 Minneapolis July 20
Austin May 5 Madison July 21
Frisco May 11 Chicago July 23
Dallas May 12 St. Louis July 27
Baton Rouge May 14 Kansas City July 28
New Orleans May 17 Des Moines July 29
Foley, AL May 18 Denver August 3
Ft. Lauderdale May 20 Salt Lake City August 5
Miami May 21 Seattle August 10*
Orlando May 24-25 Portland August 12
Atlanta May 27 Sacramento August 17
Charlottsville, VA June 3 Emeryville August 18
Charlotte, NC June 1 San Francisco August 19
Washington DC June 1 San Jose August 20
Baltimore June 7 Los Angeles September 1
Philadelphia June 9 Irvine, CA September 2
New York City June 10 San Diego, CA September 13
New Jersey June 11 Phoenix September 15
Boston July 13-14 Albuquerque September 17
Albany July 17 Fort Worth September 21
Cleveland June 21 Oklahoma City September 22
Pittsburgh June 22 Tulsa September 23
Columbus June 24 Fayetteville September 24
Detroit June 28 Memphis September 28
Ann Arbor June 29 Nashville September 29
* The following dates are subject to change
Road Show illustration by Robert Chipman

If you’re interested in attending one of our events, contact your Landscape Forms rep or click here. We’ll reach out to you with additional details.

Don’t see a city near you? We’ll be touring the West Coast starting in July, dates to be announced soon.