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Landscape Forms Introduces Rai Seating System from Design Partner Santa & Cole Urbidermis
Kalamazoo, MI – July 25, 2019 – Landscape Forms, North America’s leading designer and manufacturer of high-design LED lighting, site furniture, and accessories, is pleased to introduce Rai by design partner Santa and Cole Urbidermis. Renown for high design in the modernist tradition, Santa & Cole Urbidermis has earned numerous awards in Europe for its excellence of design for the urban environment. “Our partnership with Santa & Cole provides Landscape Forms with another avenue of thinking about products for outdoor spaces,” states Landscape Forms President, Richard Heriford. “The Rai system is a simple and clever response to the demand from designers of outdoor spaces for site elements that adapt and endure.”

Inspired by a traditional method of moving logs along a waterway for transport, Rai is a versatile system designed for the current of modern public space. Subtle, rational and intuitive, Rai shapes the flow of outdoor spaces to meet the needs of designers and users alike.
“We defined heights according to use – sitting, leaning, reclining – and a mesh to interrelate the elements, depending on that type of function or program,” state designers Julià Espinàs and Olga Tarrasó.
Rai’s surface beams, made from ultra-high performance concrete MeldStone™, are anchored to anodized aluminum supports, ensuring lasting use without maintenance. Earth tone exposed-aggregate finishes enable the system to blend seamlessly into urban, landscaped, and natural contexts. Rai offers new possibilities to connect and structure outdoor spaces by combining a single surface with three supports at differing heights. Its compositional freedom makes it adaptable to all spaces and programs - from university and corporate campuses, to high-traffic urban environments, to relaxing community spaces.
About Landscape Forms
Landscape Forms is the industry leader in integrated collections of high-design site furniture, structures, accessories, and advanced LED lighting. Since its founding in 1969 Landscape Forms has earned a reputation for excellent design, high quality products and exceptional service. The company is headquartered in Kalamazoo, Michigan, with manufacturing facilities in Kalamazoo and Phoenix, Arizona, and sales representatives throughout North America, South America, the United Kingdom, Australia, the United Arab Emirates and Asia. Landscape Forms collaborates with renowned industrial designers and consultancies, landscape architects, and architects to design and develop integrated collections of products that address emerging needs and help create a sense of place. Additionally, the company has formed global marketing partnerships with select companies that share its commitment to design. Landscape Forms has an installed base of products around the world. Clients include municipalities, transit centers, corporate, college and health care campuses; and familiar brand leaders such as Harvard University, Linked In, New York Central Park Conservancy, Bryant Park, Google, Coca Cola, Oculus, U.S. Tennis Association (USTA), Nike, National Museum of African American History (Washington, D.C.), Barclays Center, Adidas, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Microsoft, and Uber.
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