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Santa & Cole brings to market a carefully collected body of products to better the quality and experience of urban space. Its focus is the Person, the City and the Planet. Santa & Cole outdoor Urban Elements are designed to create more humane and social spaces that help people experience the richness of urban life and contribute to the health of the environment. Born in Barcelona, home to Antoni Gaudi and Pablo Picasso, the company carries on a noble tradition of creative inquiry and aesthetic expression. Coming of age during a time of great change in Spain it has been a prominent participant in the renewal of the Barcelona streetscape and the city’s emergence as an international design hub. Looking ahead, it is a vital partner in Barcelona’s goal to model the sustainable city.

Santa & Cole has a strong point of view about design, rooted in 20th century modernism. Its designs are simple and beautifully proportioned, rational and balanced. Santa & Cole Urban Elements are designed to enhance the experience of architecture, landscape and social encounter in the city -- to make the experience of being in the city more interesting, comfortable and friendly. The company approaches outdoor lighting as light rather than lamps, and outdoor furniture as furniture rather than objects. Its Urban Elements transcend national borders and the interior/exterior divide. They bring the inside out, transitioning from the house to the street to make open-air living rooms in public space.

Santa & Cole Urban Elements are subtle by design, intended to enhance and support, not overwhelm. Function is their first principle. Many are multifunctional and versatile in intriguing ways. Rama is a street light of stunning simplicity that provides energy efficient light, prevents light pollution, and allows multiple lights to be placed at different heights and positions. Key is a bicycle rack of elemental form and bright color that performs its intended function with panache and also serves as a climbing toy for kids and a jumping hoop for dogs. Trapecio is an urban element that is more magnet for social activity than conventional bench. One can sit on the seat, or on the back, or lie down on it -- and several people can do all these things at the same time.

Santa & Cole has a unique vision of what outdoor spaces can be and how elements in those spaces can contribute to the life of people and the city. It delivers on its promise to the planet by using recycled, recyclable and renewable materials, reducing the energy use, maintenance and after-life impacts of its products, and partnering with municipalities, utility companies and universities to develop sustainable practices for managing the city.